Fully Committed to Improving Emergency Response Operations

Emergency responders are in urgent need of an operational solution for emergency operations that provides enhanced situational awareness and real-time accurate wildfire spread predictions.

UAS are emerging as promising enablers, however, the integration of these vehicles is a complex challenge due to the multimodal vehicle environment and communication limitations typical of remote areas.

To enable the safe and efficient integration of manned and unmanned operations during wildfire management operations, we are partnering with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to develop a traffic management and wildfire data collection system, improving the situational awareness of all parties and providing accurate estimates of wildfire spread.

Partnering with the College of Engineering and the College of Aviation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, we are working on an adaptation of ERAU's software, MoVE, to provide emergency responders with a common situational awareness map of the position of all vehicles, air and ground, manned and manned, and emergency responders, enabling notifications and message exchanges.

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MoVE will provide live map updates & notifications

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Our efforts involve the configuration of a mesh network, so all agents are tracked, even without cellular reception

MoVE crowdsources atmospheric information from instrumented vehicles, which we use in our system WindTL, providing accurate real-time predictions of wildfire spread

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Wild Fire

Together with our partners, we are developing a fully automated wind observing system, "WindTL", providing a real-time ember spread risk heatmap  to be used by emergency managers and first responders

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