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We combine technical expertise with excellent critical thinking to solve aviation biggest challenges. We believe in data-based decision making and leveraging lessons learned to propel the next generation of aviation systems.

We bring a 10 year of record of excellence supporting government and private organizations in the aviation sector. As aviation enthusiasts, we pride ourselves on staying on the cusp of today and tomorrow’s emergent technical challenges, and are firm believers in stakeholder’s collaboration.

We are passionate about the next generation of aviation systems and are always looking for new challenges!

Above the Clouds


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Air Force Open Topic SBIR: Analysis and Reporting Tool to Semi-Automate Product Generation, Reporting & Assessment – Prime contractor

  • A tool to automate ISR video processing, standardize database management and storage, and generate semi-automated reports


Air Force Open Topic SBIR: Dynamic Airspace Management of Mixed Manned and Unmanned Multi-aircraft Missions using a Trajectory Optimization Algorithm – Prime contractor

  • An interface solution to enable aerial manned-unmanned teaming operations using a motion planning framework based on dynamic airspace deconfliction that can be integrated with current Common Operating Pictures (COP).


NASA SBIR: Portable Traffic Management System for Wildfire Operations – Prime contractor

  • SkyTL is a mission critical information platform that enables situational awareness and data fusion across multi-modal operations, making information actionable and available in real-time.


NOAA SBIR: Nowcasting wildfire ember risk in the WUI with WindTL – Prime contractor

  • An AI-based system to enhance wildfire models with in real-time situ atmospheric measurements from unmanned platforms.


Federal Aviation Administration: Upper-Class E Airspace Traffic (ETM) Management – Subcontractor of LS Technologies

  • Concept of operations for integration of new entrants in the National Airspace System in Class E stratospheric airspace.


Federal Aviation Administration:: Connected Aircraft Information Analysis and Development - – Subcontractor of LS Technologies

  • Evaluate NAS system and policy gaps, performance and safety requirements, and maintain an integrated framework for the development of future air traffic management services and policies leverage flight information and emerging air/ground connectivity.


NASA: Understanding Experimental Requirements for Measuring Wake Vortices – subcontractor of NIA

  • Established a set of criteria to enable successful wind tunnel testing of wake vortices, with a focus on being able to validate CFD models


Federal Aviation Administration: Modeling and Data Analysis Support for Wake Turbulence Research - Subcontractor of NIA

  • Develop a new FAA/EASA means of compliance for conducting wake turbulence assessments of heavy aircraft entering commercial service. 


Federal Aviation Administration: Simulation and Analysis Support - Subcontractor of LS Technologies

  • Developed big data approaches, methodologies, and algorithms for determining aircraft performance parameters from trajectory data, to be used in air traffic simulation tools.


Department of Transportation: Traffic Management Systems Engineering and Development Support (TMSEDS) Services – Subcontractor of SAIC

  • Analysis of wake turbulence flight test data behind commercial aircraft and Improvement of of existing fast-time wake turbulence models for conflict detection and alerting tools for ATC controllers.


Federal Aviation Administration: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM)

  • Development & execution of UAS Traffic Management (UTM) Pilot Program 2


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